Initial Consultation

Every service we offer at Blueprint starts with a comprehensive health and fitness analysis. We use state of the art body composition technology to help you better understand how the exercise and nutritional choices you make are affecting your body, and importantly what changes we can make to get the health and fitness results you want.

Using the information gathered we are able to design a tailored programme designed for your specific needs rather than using a one size fits all approach to exercise.

Body Composition Analysis

Body fat %
Hydration level
Muscle mass
Skeletal Mass
Visceral fat

Blood Pressure

High or low blood pressure is linked with many conditions but the good news is increased physical activity and a healthy diet has been proven to help reduce blood pressure and promote better health. Our personal trainer is GP referral qualified, so if necessary we are happy to work with your doctor to make sure you get the best exercise programme to alleviate symptoms.

Flexibility Assessment

Low levels of flexibility can affect your daily life. Do you struggle to pick things up off the floor? Or do you find it hard to get the range you want in certain exercises? Blueprint Health and Fitness offers an extensive flexibility assessment to highlight any areas for improvement. With the right stretches and exercises we can start having a positive impact on your life right away and improve your athletic performance.

Nutrition Analysis

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and nutrition is no exception. We aim to help you make informed nutritional choices to help you achieve the results you want, whether that’s the correct fuel for sport or recovery, nutrition for fat loss, muscle gain or to just have more energy throughout the day. At your initial consultation we’ll take a look at the foods you are currently eating and make suggestions based on your current diet.

Lifestyle Analysis

The choices you make in life often have an effect on your health and wellbeing. Looking at things like sleep quality, stress levels, cigarette and alcohol consumption we can get a picture of what effects the lifestyle choices you are making are having on your body. We can then look at possible changes you can make to improve your overall wellbeing.

Fitness testing

This part of your initial assessment will depend entirely on your needs. If you are new to fitness then a basic walking test might give us all the information we need about your aerobic fitness, but if you are at a more advanced level you may require a more comprehensive strength or predicted VO2 max test. Either way rest assured we will find the right combination of tests to suit your goals.

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