One to One

Our one to one sessions are about one thing – you and your health and fitness goals. You will have a comprehensive initial consultation to enable us to really get an understanding of your fitness levels, lifestyle, nutrition choices and the goals you have for yourself. We will then develop a programme that integrates a range of training methods to best help you achieve your goals whether that be weight loss, increased muscle and strength, or another fitness goal. Our one to one sessions will evolve with your progress and we will make real time changes to suit your needs, keeping you focused, challenged and having fun. Fitness testing and analysis of your bespoke plan are fundamental elements of our service, as it allows you to see your progression and to keep both you, and us, accountable to achieving the results you want.

Small Groups

Our group training offers a fun way to get fit with friends and to share the cost of sessions (max 3 people per group). Everyone in the group has a personal consultation to work out body composition, lifestyle and nutrition factors. While staying focused on your own specific goals, we will then design a programme and monitor progress as you work through it. You will train together as a team under the guidance of your coach to help each other reach your goals as fast and effectively as possible.

Sport Specific

Sport specific exercise training is the foundation to success for every athlete. Having worked alongside Olympic level coaches we understand what it takes to help you reach your sporting potential, be it training for a major event or simply getting fitter for your local league. You will have a comprehensive initial consultation to help us understand what your strengths are and where improvements can be made, this will help us develop a bespoke training programme that integrates strength and conditioning with techniques that replicate the mechanics of your sport.

Senior Conditioning

Normal aging is characterized by changes in levels of fat and muscle, muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and injury potential. These changes can have an effect on functional performance, quality of life and maintenance of independent living. Exercise has been proven to help repair and reverse the impact of ageing on the muscular system, reduce the risk of age related injury, and greatly decelerate the brain's ageing. A senior conditioning programme is tailored to combat ageing focusing on range of movement, strength and flexibility with the aim of keeping you fit and active indefinitely.

GP Referral

Exercise referral is the term used to describe a client wishing to begin exercise who has a medical condition. These clients can be referred to us from a GP or other health professional or they can even refer themselves. It is important to work at the right level with people who have been ill or who have been advised by their GP to start exercising and we will work with your doctor to make sure you get the best and most precise exercise programme. We are able to offer support to clients with many conditions including hypertension, COPD, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain and stress or depression.

Boot Camps

Our boot camps offer an intense personal training programme that will get you into truly fantastic shape. If you are looking for fast but sustainable results and are prepared to commit to transforming your body through focused exercise and nutrition then we can work with you to obtain amazing results. Our boot camps are for people of all ages and fitness levels and sessions are designed for each individual but will always be high energy and provide a real challenge. All programmes include an initial in depth consultation followed by at least 2 training sessions per week with our qualified trainer and bespoke nutrition plans.