Nutritional Coaching

“To maintain good health requires good nutrition and a healthy dose of exercise”

Good nutrition is an essential element of any successful health and fitness programme and the cornerstone to maintaining vitality, immunity, physical and mental performance.

Paying attention to your nutrition can radically transform your energy levels, mindset, assist your training performance and help you achieve the body you want, inside and out. That is why at Blueprint we place as much emphasis on nutrition and diet as we do on training.

Our team based in Tiverton, Devon includes a certified and insured nutritional therapist who holds specialist qualifications for personal training in nutrition for healthy living and sports.

How can we help?

As with all aspects of our service we consider each individual to be unique and recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Everyone who signs up to personal training sessions or packages will have the opportunity to look at their nutrition and we frequently use the following:

*Food diary analysis
*Diet and lifestyle questionnaires
*Supplement review

We don’t suggest fad diets or fashionable trends and prefer to focus on sound and healthy advice which gets results both in terms of a healthy physique and overall health and disease prevention.

Nutrition For General Health

You may know what you should be eating but need help making the changes and sticking to them. Or you may think there is room for improvement in the quality of your diet . Many symptoms of ill health, including low energy, problem skin and digestive problems are your body’s way of telling you that something you are doing isn’t working. The starting point is to look at what you are eating"and how it might be affecting you.

After analysis of your health history, current health status and eating habits, we can make recommendations about changes you can make to your nutrition to help improve your overall health, well-being, performance and body composition. We can provide advice on nutrition based on a sound and well researched scientific basis. We can help break bad habits and work with you to develop meal plans that you will be able to implement and stick to. With proper nutrition you can expect to see improvements in digestion, energy levels, skin conditions, moods, headaches and body composition.

Nutrition For Weight Loss

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or need to significantly reduce your BMI for health we can work with you to create an effective nutrition plan. We know that losing weight can be difficult and that a person’s relationship with food can be very complex. That is why we don't believe in one size fits all meal plans, or in very restrictive diets that are destined for failure. Often clients end up eating more than they were before - it’s just more of the right foods and less of those that harm.

We will sit with you and spend time understanding why it is that you are overweight and design a plan that delivers complete and balanced nutrition, that will work with your lifestyle to support natural and permanent weight loss and body fat reduction.

Nutrition For Performance

Weekend warriors, casual exercisers, competitive athletes can all see benefits in performance when following a properly planned diet. Knowing what to eat before and after exercising, what supplements may support you when training, how to lose weight while preserving muscle and how to fuel for an endurance event can make a significant impact on both the effectiveness of your training and the results you see when it matters most on competition day.

We have worked with individuals preparing for their first marathon, those trying to drop body fat while maintaining energy and muscle, and people wanting to reduce DOMS (muscle soreness after exercising) by producing detailed and carefully planned meal and supplement programmes to maximise performance.

What Results Can I Expect?

By working to optimise nutrition most of our clients report improvements to energy levels, mood, concentration, digestion, sleep, skin, and body fat within about 4 weeks. Clients who take their nutrition as seriously as their training will reap the benefits.

Our nutritional advice is never given as a replacement for medical advice and we will always suggest you discuss any medical issues with a medical professional.

Whether you have a question, would like an informal chat, or want to book in for a completely free initial session with our qualified nutritional coach based in Tiverton then give us a ring today on 07891 497 232 or get in touch using the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are pleased to be able to offer DNAFit tests. Through simple saliva analysis these test your DNA for key genes to help you truly understand your body and how to best train and eat for your genetics. Contact us for more information.