Client Results

We have many happy clients. Don’t just take it from us –
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“After trying to lose weight for many years and failing miserably to keep my motivation up, I finally decided that getting a personal trainer was the way forward. My first session at Blueprint Health and Fitness was an initial consultation and my trainer was so easy to talk to, and understood how I was struggling so well, that I signed up to weekly sessions. It’s honestly the best thing I have ever done! I have been training with Blueprint on and off for almost two years now and they have kept me motivated and enjoying my exercise. I feel stronger and fitter than I have done for a long time. It is thanks to my trainer’s guidance and encouragement over this time that I have reached the point where I am today – 5 stone down and still counting! The support has been especially important at times when I have wanted to give up and I have learnt many things while training relating not only to specific exercises, but also how the body works and the importance of a balanced training regime. The advice I have been given relating to nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet has been invaluable. With Blueprint’s support I have been able to break a number of bad habits which has added to my improved fitness and general wellbeing.” Natalie



“I thought I knew the best way to train but I was getting frustrated at seeing other guys get better results than me despite the fact that i was training hard at home and in my local gym. I finally decided to take some advice and signed up for sessions with Blueprint. 12 weeks later i’m over the moon with my results. I have lost 11% body fat and I’m stronger than ever all while actually training less and eating more! My programme has been structured both in terms of how and when I train, changing things every couple of weeks to shock my muscles into change and growth, and also in terms of what I eat – less starch and more protein. I have enjoyed every minute spent in the gym with my trainer and the compliments I am receiving outside of the gym means I am recommending Blueprint frequently” Chris



“We came to Blueprint Health and Fitness for nutrition and exercise advice after we noticed ourselves getting a little overweight and unfit, we both were feeling tired and sluggish and knew we had to change something. We noticed a difference in energy levels and general wellbeing almost immediately after just a few sessions. We worked very closely with our personal trainer to change our eating behaviours and bad habits, while attending training sessions together every week to make sure we were getting all the exercise we needed to reach our goals. We are both fitter, stronger, lighter and feel like different people and best of all we have learnt the tools to make a long term change to our lives. We’d recommend Blueprint Health and Fitness to anyone wanting to make a positive change to their life and start feeling amazing.” David & Jane



“I put on 3 stone over the last few years and was really struggling to get it off, I felt like nothing was working so I went to Blueprint Health and Fitness. My coach was incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about getting me to my goals and after 15 sessions I’m close to reaching that goal and feel like a new person.” Mary



“It can be intimidating attending gym sessions when not in the first flush of youth, with an expanding waistline and a propensity for donuts however the tireless encouragement, patience and advice shown by our trainer at Blueprint means that we are now feeling stronger, fitter, and more confident” Bob & Jacquie



“I suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis and have found staying fit and healthy difficult as I often have sore joints and low motivation. Since going to Blueprint Health & Fitness my life has changed, we started slowly strengthening up my joints to help with the arthritis then we increased my fitness levels, I have completely changed the way I eat giving me more energy and I am so much more active now.” Kai



“I recently started playing golf and tennis as hobbies and I noticed my friends all seemed a lot fitter than I was and I was struggling to keep up on the court. So I decided to do something about it, I started training with Blueprint Health and Fitness and after a 8 weeks I have dramatically improved my fitness, my tennis cardio and best of all my golf handicap is on the decline.” Martin



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